Why We Do What We Do at Jvion

$463B of the $750B waste problem can be stopped

Healthcare mandates and compliance initiatives are aimed at stopping that portion of waste that is avoidable but they do so by stopping payment to providers. This approach, while prevalent, does not address the actual cause of the waste—patient illness.

The RIGHT approach is to attack waste at the source by preventing illness and complications before
they occur.

Patient Suffering and Waste are Intertwined

One Example: Pressure Ulcers.

Stage iii and iv pressure ulcers add up to $43K in unreimbursed cost per patient discharge. This translates into a $12.9M problem for a large hospital. And for an individual patient, pressure ulcers mean more suffering, pain, and anxiety along with additional health risks.

The best way to stop these losses and the associated patient suffering is to prevent the illness from happening in the first place.

Jvion’s solution - The Most Advanced Predictive Platform

We Knew There Was A Better Way

Technology is critical to creating an environment where hospital costs are minimized while care quality is maximized. But many of today’s solutions are retrospective. They provide great insights into what has happened, but they don’t prevent an adverse event from occurring in the first place. To do that, you have to predict events so that providers can target preventative measures thereby improving health outcomes while reducing the waste of resources and dollars.

Jvion’s solution - Jvion's Advanced Predictive Platform

We Created the Most Advanced Predictive Platform

More than six years ago, the core Jvion team began development of our current generation of predictive technology. We set out to create a learning machine that went beyond advanced statistics to account
for the complex drivers that underlie adverse events such as hospital acquired conditions. Through an approach that combines medical journal research and clinical understanding, a deep knowledge of complex modeling techniques, and a commitment to perfection, we created a solution that can be
applied to a patient.

We Deliver Unmatched Accuracy

Our predictive results have achieved accuracy levels three times what is delivered through commercially available and academically derived models. In fact, we’ve seen results that are up to 90% accurate for certain diseases and illnesses. This means that providers have access to a tool that can help them better allocate resources, prevent avoidable patient suffering, increase the quality of care, and promote a
patient-centered culture. And all of this is provided using an implementation model that reduces IT resource demands and delivers remarkable ROI within weeks of go live.

Trusted Industry Leaders

Today, Jvion’s Clinical Cognitive Science Actions are in place at more than 2100 hospitals and clinics. Our solution impacts more than 42M lives and has helped our clients save millions in potential losses. We have also been recognized by:

  • Trinity Health Innovation Challenge: Jvion selected as a grant awardee for their clinical cognitive science machine
  • The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME): Jvion and UMMC honored as CHIME Collaboration Award Winners
  • Black Book Market Research: 2015 Healthcare Financial Solutions Top Honors in Predictive Provider Analytics
  • Atlanta Business Chronicle: Named to Top 40 Atlanta 2015 Pacesetters
  • Fierce Innovation Awards: 2014 “Best in Show: Fiercest Cost-Saving Solution” and top honors in the “Data Analytics” category
  • Intel: 2014 Innovation Award
  • Gartner: 2014 Cool Vendor in Healthcare Providers
  • AHIMA: 2013 Innovator of the Year
  • HIMSS: 2012-2014 Financial Risk Leader