Predictive Provider Solutions that
Protect Health and the Bottom Line

Our suite of big-data enabled, predictive analytic software solutions help providers protect their revenues while improving patient health outcomes.
We use advanced artificial intelligence combined with Clinical Patient Pod technology to deliver the most accurate, actionable, and scalable predictions tailored to the needs of the provider community.
Our objective is simple - stop the waste of resources and lives by predicting and stopping losses before they ever happen.

Jvion's solution-Provider Waste solution

Cognitive Clinical Success Machine

Speed to Value, Patient-Specific Actions

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Jvion's solution - Predict Patient-level Illness

Stop Errors

Helps hospitals prevent illness and conditions through real-time predictive analytics
that target hospital acquired infections and conditions, LOS related risks and help predict
and reduce readmissions

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Jvion's solution - Predictive Infection Control

Drive Infection Control

Our solution's predictive clinical algorithms provide a real time solution that predicts potential nosocomial events across the entire patient population

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Jvion's solution - Predict Community Health

Enable Community Health

Helps hospitals deliver more effective and targeted community health and infection control
through a bottom-up approach that aggregates individual patient-level risks to provide
a more accurate view of community health challenges

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Jvion's solution - Predict and Stop Readmissions

Stop Readmissions

Provides an artificial intelligence driven solution that can predict and prevent readmissions while stopping reimbursement losses related to length of stay

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Prevent Avoidable ER Visits

Prevent Avoidable ER Visits

Helps prevent avoidable ER visits and reduce waste and the cost of care associated with
ER high utilizers

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Stop Chronic Condition Complications

Stop Chronic Condition Complications

Helps lower the cost of care for patients with chronic conditions by predicting and reducing readmissions and avoidable hospitalization

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Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model (CJR)

Master Episode-based Payments

Delivers predictive capabilities to help CJR participating hospitals prevent inpatient complications, reduce readmissions, optimize length of stay, and align patients to the best post-acute care environment so that costs are lowered and quality is improved

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Jvion's solution - Bonobo Big Data Platform

The Bonobo Big Data Platform

Powering the technology that helps providers stay remarkable

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