Helping Hospitals Control Infections
and Prevent Readmissions

I'm a Hospital

Being a hospital is hard. And it is getting even harder. Today's hospital has to balance an increasingly complex patient population with budget constraints and limited resources. Add onto this landscape increasing pressure in the form of government mandates and penalties to reduce target diseases and conditions, and the rise of consumerism, it is a wonder how hospitals manage.

Jvion's predictive solutions are designed to help hospitals thrive under in this changing healthcare ecosystem. By delivering the most accurate patient-level predictive capabilities, we are helping hospitals reduce target illnesses, prevent patient deterioration, reduce the cost of care, and improve community health efforts. Using Jvion's solution, hospitals are reducing sepsis, lowering readmissions, stopping pressure ulcers, and reducing the number of heart attacks just to name a few use cases. To find out more, check out our current capabilities and schedule a demo today.

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