Meet the folks at Jvion!

We have some awesome folks working at Jvion. Meet our Director of Client Advocacy, Stacey Schechter.
Get to know some fun trivia about Stacey below!

Stacey Schechter

Stacey Schechter

Where are you from and how did you get to Jvion?
I have been a healthcare professional for a long time with experience in multiple fields including clinical nursing practice, software sales, customer operations and clinical operations providing a uniquely global view of the healthcare industry. I wasn’t even looking for a job, but a friend mentioned Jvion and felt my skills were needed here and convinced me to take the meeting. Once I met with Shantanu and Ritesh, I was certain that joining the Jvion family was exactly where I WANTED to be.

What do you do at Jvion?
As the Director of Client Advocacy, I work with clients to ensure they are using the Jvion systems optimally and helping them predict illnesses, conditions, and financial losses before they happen.

What do you love most about working at Jvion?
The culture at Jvion is top-down based on doing the "Right Thing for the Right Reason."  Jvion is truly a family and everyone's opinion is valued.

Your favorite song/ band?
My Generation by The Who.

Your favorite/ dream vacation spot?
I love to cruise or go to the beach, pretty much anywhere with sand and water works for me.