Meet the folks at Jvion!

Our folks love working with Jvion. Meet our Inside Sales Associate, Marty Wyatt.
Get to know some fun trivia about Marty below!

Marty Wyatt

Marty Wyatt

Where are you from and how did you get to Jvion?
I am a Georgia native, and have been married 26 years to a Gwinnett County Public School teacher. I have two daughters; both are in college. I graduated from Georgia State University and have my certification in Healthcare IT from Emory University. Jvion is the only company I wanted to work for.

What do you do at Jvion?
In my role as an inside sales associate, it’s my job to make sure providers understand the value that we bring and how we can help them improve patient health outcomes. What I do ties directly to our sales and market presence.

What do you love most about working at Jvion?
I appreciate the professional, yet relaxed atmosphere. Not a lot of bureaucracy, everyone is on the same mission, PREDICT WHAT MATTERS.

Your favorite song/ band?
More of a sports fanatic than music. On the way to and from work, I listen to sports talk radio.

Your favorite/ dream vacation spot?
My dream vacation would be Hawaii! I’d also like to spend one year visiting all MLB ball parks.