Clinical Predictive Analytics Help Target and Stop Sepsis

Sepsis has one of the highest mortality rates and is one of the most costly illnesses in terms of dollars and lives. With new quality reporting measures for severe sepsis and septic shock management, and a rise in sepsis occurrences, hospitals are looking for effective and accurate ways to quickly identify and treat patients at risk of sepsis.

Complicating intervention efforts is the fact that sepsis is often over-diagnosed and can lead to the overuse of antibiotics. New predictive analytic solutions that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence are helping clinicians win the war against sepsis by providing predictions across the key milestones in sepsis treatment and prevention. These solutions are:

  • Identifying individuals at risk of sepsis at admission into the ER or early in the inpatient stay
  • Driving effective interventions to prevent escalation to septic shock and transition into the ICU
  • Providing predictions at critical points including three-hour and six-hour bundles to prevent deterioration and increase the likelihood that a patient will respond to interventions
  • Delivering readmission predictions before discharge and drive the development of tailored discharge plans
  • Reducing sepsis occurrences within the hospital and the likelihood of a sepsis-related readmission

These solutions are helping hospitals as they navigate new sepsis core measures and work to drive improved health outcomes for their patient populations. For more information on clinical predictive analytics, please visit:

- By Jvion Health