Save Lives and your Bottom Line
by Predicting What Matters


Jvion's Story

We started Jvion with a concise mission—use algorithms and data to save lives. And every day we ask ourselves, “how can we apply our solutions to improve the health of individuals and the community?” For us, the value in what we do isn’t tied to the sophistication of our technologies; it is tied to the lives that we save and the health outcomes that we improve.

Evolution of Healthcare Analytics


At our heart, we are a clinical algorithms company. Our model leverages advanced statistics and machine intelligence to predict events that happen within a hospital.

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We transform these events into the clinical and financial use cases that comprise our solution and deliver predictive capabilities to help hospitals:

  • Prevent patient-level disease through real-time analytics
  • Aggregate risk to understand community health threats from a patient-level risk perspective
  • Predict and prevent potential reimbursement losses
  • Understand enterprise and clinical performance relative to their peers and the industry

These insights are enabling providers to better prioritize care efforts, target interventions, and focus patient care so that health outcomes are improved and waste is reduced.