Moving Healthcare from Predictive to Prescriptive Intelligence

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Address the SDOH Factors Driving Poor Patient Outcomes

Prescriptive Intelligence that Helps You

Intercept & Course-Correct

Jvion goes beyond traditional predictive analytics, identifying hidden patient risk across various diseases and clinical events and if that risk trajectory can be changed towards a positive outcome. Our prescriptive AI then recommends appropriate action for each patient – taking into account clinical, socioeconomic and behavioral data — in addition to clinically-validated best practices. Armed with this intelligence, healthcare organizations can improve quality, cost, and the overall patient experience.


At-Risk Patients

Analyze clinical, socioeconomic, environmental and behavioral data to find hidden health and financial risks


Modifiable Patients

Evaluate modifiable patients and their unique attributes to drive action plans


Change the Outcome

Provide evidence-based, prioritized, and patient-specific recommendations within existing workflows

Powerful Insights. Positive Outcomes.

Find out how clinical AI can be applied to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges.

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  • Download the latest SmartFocus paper “The COVID Aftermath: Why behavioral health is the next crisis health plans should be prepared to manage” brought to you by Jvion and SmartBrief to understand why the current state of analytics leave members and health plans exposed to a behavioral health crisis.

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